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Sunshine Specialties Brokerage | Services Provided:


  1. Proper product placement for maximum shelf visibility by consumers; including primary shelf placement, off shelf displays, and increased facings.

  2. New distribution on existing products and any new items introduced by the manufacturer.

  3. Insure that all promotional allowances available to the retailer are passed on to the consumer.

  4. Assist retailers with the merchandising and advertising of your products.

  5. Coordinate and implement product sampling programs at the retail level.

  6. Telemarketing as part of a permanent communication program with all accounts.

  7. Rotate product in the proper manner.


  1. Represent our manufacturers in a highly professional manner.

  2. Maintain relationships with key personnel in all departments.

  3. Ensure that turnover orders flow smoothly and effectively between the retailer,broker, and the distributor.

  4. Assist and help create advertising in distributor publications. Also use shelf talkers, window banners, and product information inserts.

  5. Represent the manufacturer at sales meetings.

  6. Schedule seminars to review new and existing product information with sales personnel.

  7. Help facilitate distributor sales efforts of the manufacturers products by providing field and telemarketing sales representatives with product information and samples.

  8. Create sales contests for distributor sales representatives to develop more interest and sales focus on the manufacturers product lines.

What Other Services Do We Perform?

  1. Telemarketing is an important part of our success formula. Competent, energetic, and friendly people will be speaking to the retailers in our trading area on a regular basis. Their objective is to follow up on sales, organize demonstrations and samplings, communicate product knowledge, suggest merchandising ideas.

  2. Publishing a newsletter for our manufacturers adds a dimension to the communication process. The newsletter is filled with valuable information for the manufacturers in an easy to understand format.

  3. New products cost manufacturers substantial research and development, packaging, and marketing time and money. You are entitled to the quickest, most effective distribution method possible to get your product into the hands of the consumer. Sunshine Specialties is the most effective way to accomplish this in Southern California.

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