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“Sunshine Specialties knows the trade and is adept at doing creative and conceptual selling. Your success depends on communication with the broker. We act promptly and efficiently in implementing your policies. We know how to sell your product, and we know how to sell our market. We believe teamwork and open communication is vital to success.”

Basic Approach To New Lines & Products

1. Market Analysis

  1. Distribution of items and competition

2. Solidify Current Distribution

  1. Analyze distributor movement

  2. Determine retail action requirement

3. Set Immediate and Long Term Objectives

  1. Distribution objectives by account

  2. Ad/demo objectives by account

  3. Overall sales objectives

  4. Priorities

4. Prepare Personalized Presentations

  1. Why they need the product (s)

5. Presentations

  1. Initial presentations to all key accounts

6. Review and Analyze

  1. What worked, Why?

  2. What didn't work, Why?

7. Communicate

  1. Make suggestions by account

  2. Maintain communication with all involved

  1. 8.Teamwork gets it done!

What You Can Expect From Sunshine Specialties

1. Achieve sales and merchandising objectives.

2. Management by Objectives by account

  1. Develop a sales strategy to use with specific accounts.

  2. Develop an introductory program to best utilize available funds.

  3. Develop a marketing plan to move the product to the consumer.

3. Analyze current retail position/pricing to maximize sales.

  1. Be involved in store sets.

4. Make sure all authorized products are merchandised properly.

  1. Utilize all marketing funds to achieve maximum retailer and consumer

  2. benefit.

5. Communicate effectively with manufacturers.

6. Follow up.

We work with the manufacturer, retailer, distributor, and consumer to insure that everyone is satisfied. Service is a major part of our business and long term growth is our goal.

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